Operations Team

It was great to see many of you at our AGM on Thursday evening. During the evening, the concept of setting up an Operations Team of volunteers was agreed to help manage our community woodland project on a day today basis. At present, this is undertaken by Dave Dibden, Perry Bond and Derek Tippetts who cover a wide variety of tasks between them and the idea is that they will be joined by a number of our volunteers who would like to be more actively involved in Pondhead’s management. This would enable some tasks to be delegated to spread the workload and would also help with succession planning for the future of the Trust, especially after 2024 when our current license from Forestry England expires.

In addition to the tasks undertaken in Pondhead on conservation tasks/charcoal activities there are also many that take place in the background such as advertising, promotion, craft courses, website, outside groups plus walks and talks to name just a few.

Ideally we are looking for up to nine current PCT volunteers who attend tasks on a regular basis and would be happy to become further involved. Once we have an idea of those of you who are interested we will set up an inaugural meeting to agree the way forward. Nothing is set in tablets of stone at this stage and we’re open to ideas.

If you would like to join the inaugural meeting/express an interest, please register your interest here by 10 February.

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